UK only.

I see that two private parties are selling their keyboards. They are listed in the Classifieds that accompanied my Techplus magazine. I know many of you do not subscribe to Techplus, or perhaps any other music magazine. If you're interested, here are the details:

KN6000 - 950

Includes SX-3 hard drive and EW-01 expansion board. Also tubular stand, expression pedal, FC-2 (four-switch) footswitch, cover, software, and manuals.

Contact Mr. Campbell at 0131-3128787

KN7000 - 1,000

Includes unopened software.

Contact Mrs. Tildesley at 0121-4221574

A KN930 and a KN5000 are also being advertised for sale. If you want further information, e-mail me or post here. I'll give you the details.

Best Wishes,

Manchester, UK