Greetings Technics arranger keyboard friends.

Though I realize I'm not currently a Technics keyboard owner, I"ve made many friends here over the years so thought I'd let you guys know that I just recently had my website completely REVAMPED and RE-DESIGNED with a whole 'new' look, and invite you to check it out.

In addition, I've also posted new songs which include 2 WMV 'windows media video' clip demos. These include my vocal renditions of:

"On A Clear Day"

"Since I Fell For You"
Go to Song Demos Page:

in the Video Performances section, click on one of the 2 thumbnail pics to play them. The song "On A Clear Day" is featured by clicking on the left pic, and "Since I Fell For You", the right thumbnail image.

This television show performance was recorded back in the 90's (before I was playing an arranger keyboard), so it includes a backup arrangement which I had myself pre-sequenced utilizing the classic Korg 01W/FD keyboard.

In the Song Demos Section, I've also added the song "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" which I had overlooked including earlier.