Hallo Technics's Players ,

I am checking the abilitys of the KN2600.

1- Is that truth , the SD card on the KN2600 ,is Exsactlly the same as the KN7000 ?
If not , what is the diference ?
2 - The Amplifier is really strong ,
But the Speaker sometime too weak ( !! )
3 -In what way , I can put more Styles in the 99 Libraryis and Folders in the SD CARD ?
4 -Is the SZ-CB7 Software that cost149 EUR , has a Reader Card Equipment with it, or I buy it saparetilly ?
5 - Is there an easy way to Organize the Information on the SD card ?
the KN2600 Does not recognize the places where keep the Songs / Styles / Sounds .

Answers will be very wellcome .

tank's a lot .

Uzi ' uzizo@actcom.co.il