Totally disagree. The creation of music has not changed over the generations. Creative composers and performers are still writing Jazz, Pop, Folk, Classical, 'Broadway' (show tunes), Country, Blues, Opera, Latin, etc., etc., etc. The form may change slightly but the genre' is distinct. Given the SUBJECTIVE nature of music, who's to say whether the current form is better or worse than the previous form. Not me, not you. The purpose of music (for me, anyway) is to stimulate the mind and the emotions. If a certain piece of music does that for you, then it's done it's job. In the end, we like what we like and we PLAY what we like. If it happens to 'strike a chord' with some others, great, if not, so be it. "different strokes for different folks".

So, contrary to wanting to "shock" or "dismay" or parents and grandparents, I think we, to a large degree and in many instances, are actually influenced by the music we heard in our household growing up. I grew up listening to Billy Holliday and when I'm singing (in the shower - only), I find myself phrasing both melody and lyrics like I think she might have done. Actually, I think the worse thing we can do is generalize about's just too personal for 'one size (opinion) fits all'. Just my two cents worth (and that's with inflation).


PS: NOT an attack; just another point of view.
"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]