By that you mean the sounds, but not the actual notes?

Yes, the Makeup Tools are simply for editing everything about the sound a style uses. But especially for older styles, that may be enough. You’ll generally find that older styles tend to address the oldest sounds in an arranger, legacy GM/GS sounds that don’t compare as favorably with the latest sounds and kits.

Simply changing these out for newer sounds and kits will do miracles!

Then there’s the issue of velocity switched sounds, guitars that sound picked harder as they are hit harder, drum sounds that change samples as hit harder (a hihat that gets splashier as it is hit harder e.g.) brass that changes timbre as played harder or softer etc..

The Makeup tools allow you to offset the style part’s overall velocity to get the sound into the area where those changes are most musical (if there are any dynamics in the first place!), and then the volume offset settles the sound back to the volume it was in before you adjusted velocity... And this can be done individually to each and every drum sound within a kit. Not to mention, you can change each drum sound to any other sound (within a kit’s choices), and alter each drum sound’s reverb and chorus send.

If a style you imported doesn’t excite you but you think the basic groove and notes work okay, a few minutes tinkering with the Makeup Tools can make it amazing! But no, if you want totally different parts, you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with the Style Composer!

Don’t forget one easy shortcut, though.... If you like the drums of one style, the bassline of another, the guitars from another, it’s a lot quicker to import those Parts to assemble a ‘Frankenstyle’ than to create one from scratch!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!