Hi. Del Keeney here. Though I've "listened in" for some time, I am eager to make connections and to learn from this forum. My intro. to Roland arrangers was back in the late 90s with a Roland E-96. I actually still have that arranger keyboard, but recently took the leap to track down and purchase a BK-9 keyboard. I just acquired the unit in December.

Prior to that, I added other Roland instruments to try to enhance the arranger with a better keybed (Roland A-70) and better sounds (Roland sc-880 rackmount). At the time, I was piecing together the equivalent of a G1000. Though I took piano lessons earlier in my life, these instruments have been for my own personal enjoyment, as well as for occasional use in the congregations where I have served (I am a pastor). I do some song-writing, and usually use the support of my spouse who is an capable pianist to actually share those tunes.

Over the past decade and more, I've added a sequencer (MC-80), and a vintage Roland A90 88 key controller, over the years. As I approach retirement, I decided to update a bit with something in the BK series. I actually was watching for a BK-7m to use with my A-90, and then found myself intrigued by the capabilities of the BK-9.

I'm very much in the learning stage now, and already have been helped through some other contacts with both Diki and Fran. Thanks to them for their generous assistance!

At Diki's encouragement, I've signed on here in the hope that my questions and comments will be helpful to others.

That's it for now.