Hello Folks!

Have not post anything here for a long time now. Feel that I donīt have anything new to bring you. I also have some problems with english, when I go into technical discussions. However, I can sure you that I read your topics and replies, with great interest.

I still have the KN7000, KN6000 and KN3000 and a Yamaha Motife at home and I also frequently use an 16 track HD-recorder.

Taking part in your discussion of the Tyros 2,which not yet is launched here in Sweden, I have listen to some demos of it in Mp3, and they sounds very good to me, but maybe not so far from the KN7000, which is a very good keyboard still after a couple of years, and I use it on my giggs about 10-12 times a month.

The best thing on the new Tyros, seems to me, is the 2 track voice recorder on the HD. I have not found out if itīs possible to record or overdubbing more than one stereo-voice. Maybe someone has a answer in this? I also know that Yamaha has very good effects, which have a great influence on the finally sound.

For two days ago I have the great honnor to try a Korg OASYS (Open Architectur Synthesis Studio)on appro for a week. I will only say, WHOOHOO... This is the ultimate keyboard I waited for. Insted of involving me in technical things ( se above), just go, if you have the interest, to: www.korg.com, gear, keyboard & modules and finally "click" OASYS. Then read the specs and use this site for a overlook. Then went to your dealer and try with own hands... Youīll never leave it...

Unfortunately, itīs not cheap, but I will drop my KN6000,KN3000 and the Motife and also the 16 track HD-recorder. I then maybe get a resonable difference.

I will keep the KN7000, which works like a Swiss watch. When Tyros 2 get here, I will take a look and try it. I donīt trust in those demos, remember that also the demos in KN7000 sounds very good.

Well friends, hope to hear any comments in this...

Greetings from Lindoz in a Sweden with summerwinds, can you believe it? Is it October really?

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