I got a nice feeling reading all the Sx900 posts. This is a very versatile keyboard, you are not limited, you can set up regs. and Playlist to do what you want.

Korg Pa1000 Set List:
I used an iPad to lead me through the Set List.
8 songs in the iPad Playlist, and 8 of the same songs in the Korg Set List. The Set List does exactly what the title says; a group of songs you play in a set. I created 9 Set List, on both the iPad and the Pa1000. Each song in the list had different types of music, and favored a time in music. If I needed a song that was not in the playlist – then I used the Song Book.

I created the same system with the Sx900; Saved them as 001, 002, 003, ect, 8 songs in each set/bank, one song to one reg. Songs that I favor are in two places. 1-One song to one Reg.
2-one song to a bank. The one song to a bank is the most interesting.

My point:
It is possible to use more than one system, with the Play List and Regs, what is needed is imagination.

Regs can be set up:
1-One song one reg, one song two reg, or three or all eight.
2-Eight songs in one bank – two, three, four, songs in one bank
3-Each reg is able to save exactly what YOU WANT.
Reg 1 whatever you want including the intro.
Reg 2 only text pads
Reg 3 Vari in style
My iPad has my Song List has 8 songs per set. The Chords, Lyrics, notes, same list of songs on the Sx900. The iPad also has the name of the bank and the regs.(Know where to go)

Speed, how fast, there’s people are out there:
Let’s take two players same age, same abilities, same everything. One player presser one button, gets style, tempo, RT 1, 2, 3, Left hand and ??? It takes him 4 to 6 seconds. The second player has to press two buttons; it takes him 12 to 20 seconds. He has 8 Regs, and four OTS to work with. Who will do the better job?

Please this is not about comparing keyboards options, or the sounds of different keyboards—or to comment on someone’s post. I just want people to know that Yamaha has made a winner.

John C.