Thank you to each and every one of you Don, Fran, Donny, Randy, W Tracy & Rikki.

And based on the responses I have made a good choice, so thank you guys for the positive comments. I was thinking Audya5 initially since it was 61 keys but I would have the problem of no amplification, and with no room I don't think it would be wise, it would mean getting rid of the T4 to make the room and I want to keep it since the T4 was a gift from my grandparents so it means a lot to me in more than one way.

It will come at a sacrifice though as I am going to have to trade one of my other current keyboards towards it and it's going to be the S975, as much as I really like this instrument I didn't realise the SX900 was only a few months away otherwise I would have held off. But anyway it's the most logical one to let go of out of all I currently own.

Mitch, yes this year has been quite a strange one because in actual fact, being a good boy isn't far from the truth since I have really worked hard this year on many projects and have been rewarded for it. Initially I only had planned to buy 1 new keyboard but it's ended up as being 4 lol, but minus one since I'm letting go of the S975. Get it all out of the way now and not worry about changing for many years, that's the plan anyway.

Lee, yes I was a little annoyed with myself because when I found the place I wanted to purchase the SD7 from, I then slightly hesitated and left it another day until I decided I really did want to go for it, but only to find they had just sold the last one they had in stock!! It would have been in my hands now had I called Wednesday as intended.. So it will be a couple of weeks I think. I hope you like the SX900 it's a great instrument.

Thank you Donny, I remember you and DonM did mention a few times about how good Ketron's were and I must admit I did get put off by the problems I had with my X1 (all 3 of them!!), but that was many years ago and I am just putting it down to very bad luck. It will be something new and refreshing like the Korg's were when I first got one.

Deane, thank you very much indeed for your offer and I will message you if I need any help with it. I am hoping the interface will be easy to use, I know it's touch screen and nothing like the last Ketron I owned (X1).

Now to dust off my many archives from over the years and locate all my old Solton / Ketron styles and songs I saved/created on the X1 (presuming it will read them).

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