Hi all,

ALL styles in this list use Revo drums. The list a little further up still stands for non Revo drum styles. However, almost all my styles from now on will use Revo drums as this makes for a huge improvement and I love the results.

Thus, if you want any of the styles listed at the bottom, the following apply: (Only if you do not have a Genos - in this case I'll change the styles to use your on-board Revo drums before shipping to you. As soon as either MixMaster or StyleMagicYA is updated to include the SX900, I will do same for this arranger)

1. Send an email to keyboardtipsmx@gmail.com
2. Request to purchase their "SX ESSENTIAL" pack which is a reduced version @ 30USD only.
3. As soon as you receive your pack, contact me buildtofly@yahoo.com
4. I used half of their Revo drums and added some freeware choir voices to it.
5. When you have your new pack, mail me proof of payment to them.
6. I'll then upload my pack (voices only) somewhere for you to download.
7. Style prices still same - 3USD per style. No charge for the modified pack bar you've got a legal copy of the original from the owners in Mexico.

Okay, now for the fun part - all the new Revo styles are listed below - if any name is the same as in the previous list, it means that the style has been vastly improved. All demos recorded direct on my PSR S770.










039Slow Waltz


Note: I have updated all 144 non Revo Drums styles to use only voices from this pack. If you purchased any styles previously and now want any of these new styles, I'll send you the updated versions of the styles purchased previously so that you no longer require the initial pack downloaded.

Rest assured that you will not loose anything in the process, but rather gain much improved versions of your styles.

Keep well all my friends,

Make sure you'll fly forever!