Yes I'm back, alive & kicking thank's to Mark's timely assistance.

You're probably going to think this is a weird subject for a topic but here goes. According to the 6Ks manual you can insert pictures in bitmap form at 160x100x256 colours. Last year we joined an on-line scheme called 'Webshots' who kindly send us a new, very professional, photo each day. Bill should like this as most are U.S. based and there are even some of furry, or not so furry, animals. I'll pass on the details if you email me. Anyway, as most of you know, I don't get that much out of the 'board with my disability but here goes my idea. Why don't we all start to build a catalogue of our favourite photos / images then we can all share them and make the 'boards a bit more personal. Before you ask, I've checked with our people in the UK and it's perfectly legal so long as long no money changes hands. However, Bill could you check US regs and Rikki do the same for Oz. We don't want the FACT after us, do we?

Anyway, it's just an idea but I think it's got possibilities...