Bought two. Played the hell out of one; never touched the other.

Starting a Reverb store and will list this one for $500.00. It's perfect. Turned it on a few times to make sure it worked.

Any Zone member who wants it can have it for $400.00. No cheaper way to get that authentic Hammond drawbar sound.

Also have an early Top Box from motion sound. Used three nights. It's the top rotating speaker for real doppler. Cost $1100.00 new. Will sell for $175.00. Perfect for use with a small bass amplifier.

This will list for $275 on the Reverb store.

Intend to sell 200 stringed instruments, 40 amplifiers and about 12 keyboards, plus vibes, sitar, double necks, several upright basses...lots of toys to fund a charity project I have.

I will list the Reverb site when it is up and running.

Let me know...


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