I purchased a Kn7000 about six months ago. After two days the keys no longer sent information to the keyboard. Pressed the start button and the drums started playing, but no instruments, the left hand was needed to start the instruments. It plays a sequence without any problems, all else seems to be working well. The outside is in excellent condition. .
I am too old to find a repairman who will repair it.

A ---- Technics Kn7000

B -----Kn 7000 up-grades

ERROR --- I was informed that all expansion boards are selling for over $100 to $150, closer to $150. The prices below may not be accurate, they came from the internet. They are not my selling prices.

1-Panasonic SD Audio PC Writing Kit $75.00
2-Technics SZ-E 2. Expression Pedal $40.00
3-New Features of the Kn 7000 $10.00
4-Technics Sy-EWO2NX Wave Expansion Board Movie Production $135
5-Technics SY-ESO1NX Wave Expansion 1 Pop Production $135
6-Portable CD Reader for Computer $16.00
7-Technics Styles America Vol 1 $20.00
8-Technics Styles America Vol 3 $20.00
9-Technics Styles Strickland Sixties $20.00
10-Technics Styles America Vol 5 $20,00
11-Technics Applications and Drivers CD $13.00
12-Panasonic SD Jukebox V2.4 $75.00 ????
13-Technics Patterns Plus Vol 2. Two CDs $20.00
14- 38 Floppy Disks loaded with information
15-All manuals and books
16-Orig. shipping box / carton

A reasonable offer will be accepted.

John Cintorino
561 616-5858