I purchased a little yamaha keyboard as a xmas present for our whole family, I enjoyed playing again so much I went out boxing day and purchased a Techinics Pr54.
I took piano lessons when I was 6 and organ lessons when i was 13 for about 6 years( I am 44 now )

Although I don't remember much and just started taking lessons agian(things are coming back to me) I realize I miss having a bass pedal board. I checked out roland (k7?) but it is 22 1/2" and the distance between the inside of the pr54 and the dampening pedal is 21 1/2" so it won't fit with out removing the pedal. The roland rep sugested getting the larger model and removing both pedals since it comes with i't own sustain pedal. I don't really like this idea , but it is an option.

Anyone have any suggestions or recomondations? Do the add on pedals work well? I just miss the bass and my feet are just looking for something to do

BTW I am new here,