Hi Audrey,

You left a "b" out of the email address.
it is: ( keybstud@sc.rr.com ).

We are all caught up with the attachments as of today. When you request the attachment please put a subject in your e-mail. No subject - it gets deleted. I would like to say I canremember everyone's name but I'm afraid I don't and with various worms, virus etc it gets dumped.

We have had a small glich in sending out the last few extended manuals that were ordered due to a "printing malfunction". Nothing as exciting as a Janet Jackson malfuction just a part on the press not doing it's job.



Originally posted by Audrey Turner:
Hi Walt,

I have been trying to contact you tonight but email tells me "address unknown" and the web tells me "page not available".

The address I have been using is

Could this be incorrect? if so please email me the correct contact address as I would like to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks in advance.


Aud (U.K.)