It's new car time. My 2016 Subaru Crosstreck has 45,000 on it and I generally trade before 60,000 or 4 years. This year, I'm looking at a new Lexus XU also.

Thing is, the Lexus is $12,000 more. That's enough to fund a full year, including room and board, books, fees and spending money at the University of Kentucky.

Then, there's the matter of my 5 other vehicles and 4 motorcycles I own.

I just bought my son a little Nissan Versa, which cost 1/2 the Crosstreck and 1/3 the Lexus. It's a perfectly suitable, brand new vehicle.

I can see rewarding one's self for hard work and success, but how do you make the determination of what's justified and what's simply wasteful and self-centered.

Seems no matter what you have, you easily adjust to more.

Five years ago, I began taking a lunchable snack to work two days a week and donating the $25.00 I would normally spend on the lunches to a local shelter. Never missed a meal, and I've been told by the shelter that the money so far has provided needy people over 2500 meals.

My kids think I'm crazy; even to the point of harboring a little jealousy, suggesting that an early part of their inheritances would be greatly appreciated.

How do all you guys figure all of this out?


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