For those of us who play guitar ... either solo, or with tracks or drum patterns, I'd like to share my current guitar rig. It's a pedalboard that functions as a main control center for the whole act.

Here's the signal chain ... top right is the gtr wireless (line6) - that feeds the volume pedal underneath it, and goes to the VoiceLive3 gtr input (big silver box)

DJ mixer on the left (white) feeds the aux input of the VL3, and subsequently triggers harmonies if no signal is present from the guitar.(gtr overrides the tracks)
THere's 2 inputs on the mixer: one is the iPhone in the box, and the other is an iPad I I use on a bracket off my mic stand, bth of which are on the KB "X" stand.
Typical use: iPad plays the track and the iPhone has a "filler" playlist going the whole time so there's no dead air. If I need to talk to someone, use the bathroom, or just take a breather, I fade over to the iPhone, and it's always playing.

Next to the iPhone is a TC harmonizer/FX unit for my guest mic. This goes straight into one channel of the PA. My mic, guitar, Tracks, and break music all combine into a second channel.
Stereo is easy, when appropriate, (Bose S1pros) and the small black box alongside the DJ mixer is a volume knob for a mono send to a monitor/aux fill system. (Bose Compact, or TC FX150 sometimes)

Small, black knob in lower left corner regulates the vocal harmony volume. This can be adjusted with the side of my foot, if the board is on the floor.

The beauty of this pedalboard is that it functions as a PA mixer, guitar amp simulator, vocal effects w/harmonies, and if need be, it can work on the floor as a standalone guitar rig with my favorite amp/PA.
For my solo work, I typically use it right on top of an "X" stand ... everything is right at my fingertips.

This is the most compact setup I can imagine that still gives me total control, without ever turning my head away from the audience.

Guitar, and lead vocal mic are both wireless, and the guest mic is wired. The lead mic has a Xvivve wireless unit that plugs into the xlr jack you see just above the name "VoiceLive3" top-right of the silver box. I keep a 90 degree XLR adapter in that socket all the time to make easy access possible, as most of the connections are kind of tight, with all that going on in there.

** There's also a teeny, tiny disco light that plugs into a USB charger for special effects. It's the little, clear circle above the VL3 top left section. There's a pic holder alongside the DJ mixer, and a few iPad chargers, so they always stay fresh. There's extra wires tucked in small places, too ... just in case.
The main outs are in a 4 channel XLR snake that gets connected to whatever system I am using. It's my most comfortable setup that allows me the freedom to move around, come out in front of the audience, and still access all the digital goodies that add icing to my musical cake.

(bugs me that the Velcro came loose, and the GTR wireless shifted for the picture - it's straight now! )

Second picture shows the rig at my regular restaurant with the iPad pro attached. In fact, for that shot - I had a second iPad swung odd to the side for easier access to dance tracks ... it was a crazy sing-a-long night, and loads of people were joining in ... I needed to have tons of content available for them fast.
Last nights have shifted to a 40 something yr old crowd that loves to sing along, so I go into KJ mode when called for. They love it, and I get some vocal rest.


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