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If your an intense "heavy player" the PSR line is certainly not for you as a player
vs a rather more 'weighted action" keybed SUCH AS GENOS, PA4X, sd7/9 ETC...

Well, in 2014 my country decided to attach some Ukrainian territory and as a result the national currency has weakened twice. Just double the current prices of TOTL keyboards and you will see the picture as I do :-)

I use this situation to optimize my needs and to find a right focus. As I try to think that without right priorities there's no point in looking for new resources.

well then maybe a cheaper alternative is to a TOTL use a 88 weighted controller midi to your arranger kb..?

I used to do something like that. While it looks good in theory, in reality there're downfalls.

First, it's not an option for gigging. So you lose mobility.

Second, even at home, you get farther from all the controls, which are supposed to be right at your fingers. You get farther from the speakers, which are adjusted to a certain player's position. Not to mention the screen.

Third, there's a chance that "velocity curve" of the controller will not match the "velocity curve" of the arranger. I don't think I explain it correctly, but I had such a problem, and my piano sound lost its tenderness.

The bottom line is that going back from all that to one single box feels like a proper freedom.

I don't have a big problem with a touch of PSR's keybeds, I lack much more extra keys, and I want new sounds.

Honestly, the whole current market of keyboards seems to me a little bit ridiculous. It seems to lag behind the overall progress. And we know that the progress in a digital world tends to go faster and faster, so after a while there can be too much to catch up.
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