One of the big benefits of using a Yamaha Arranger Keyboard is the huge support forum PSR-Tutorial, of which I have been a moderator for nearly two decades.

Not only does the forum provide answers to difficult Yamaha specific related questions and solution to tough problems, members also have access to thousands upon thousands of song specific styles, many of which range from good to excellent in quality. While most song specific styles are modified versions of onboard styles, there are a huge number of them that were created from scratch by forum members who really dig into the technical aspects of creating a high quality, song-specific, style file.

Thanks to my good friend and fellow PSR Tutorial forum moderator, Roger, for creating and posting an excellent, song specific style file for this old Bob Seger song, Against The Wind.

During an interview on WWFX, "100 FM The Pike", Bob Seger said that "Against the Wind" came about from his days as a high-school cross country runner. The line "Let the cowboys ride!" towards the song's end is a reference to the closing lyrics of the song "Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession" by Van Morrison.

Seger later said that the line "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then" bothered him for a while, but that everyone he knew loved it, so he left it in. He also said that it has since appeared in several other hits by other artists, so that proved it was an acceptable lyric.

Music critic Maury Dean described the theme as being about aging and dealing with "all the burdens we'll ever have to face. I can relate this part of the song, as I will hit 79 years old this coming October, if I make it that far. (fingers crossed) smile I'm somewhat optimistic in this respect, mainly because I had the boat put in the water yesterday and hope to put the sails on by Tuesday. I would put them on Monday, but the damned forecast is calling for light snow Monday morning. Sure tired of winter! mad

Here's my rendition of Against The Wind using the style that Roger created.

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