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Down under - Men at work

I played on an album in the 80s on a collection of songs by a very good friend and well known performer in Australia ( Guy McDonough from Australian Crawl ) who very sadly died after a tour in the UK with Duran Duran. Some of the songs were just demos his brother had found of ideas he had while the tape was rolling. There was one song which was real good apart from the 1st verse where he was just scatting to cover for lyrics he was thinking up. While we really wanted to put the song on the album we really needed something for the 1st verse. During a recording break I was walking with his brother Bill through the corridor at EMI Studio Sydney when we ran into Colin Haye from Men At Work. Bill knew him well. He had just got back from promoting "Down Under" overseas. We told him about our problem and he said "No problem I will sing that first verse for you". He walked into the studio listened to the song a few times and lay down the first verse as well as singing harmony in the choruses. Here it is and I am sure you will recognize Colin singing.