Hi Scott, Bob & everyone,

I find it difficult to sympathize with Technics Canada. As I'm sure you all know I became very active and critical of the distributor over the last week or so of the forum. There was good reason for this.
Initially, after recognizing the chord recognition problem I posted on the forum a "genuine attempt to communicate" listing some of the problems with the 6000, particularly the chord recognition.
That's when they did something particularly foolish.
Instead of saying they're investigating the matter or are waiting on an official response from Japan or something along those lines, they took the typical wholesaler/retailer stance and emailed me saying:
1. they have tested the 6000 extensively and the chord recognition is "incredibly quick and precise".
2. I should change my playing tecnique.

Following that ridiculous and insulting response I decided to go on the attack, which may or may not have been a wise decision. Time will tell.
I wany more than anything to be able to keep my 6000 and I really hope a fix is underway.