There’s a Technics Kn7000 in my house. I am still amazed at this keyboard; it’s so friendly, and it sounds so good. How the keyboard got into my house is a heart warning story about Roger Bellotti and myself; I will post the story at a later time.

Getting started is going to be a challenge, I’ve forgotten so much. If you have any of my old work, I would appreciate sending to me.
Why did I sell my Pa4x? When you become a senior there so many things you can no longer do. What we are left with is our precious memories; they fill a good part of our day. So instead of reaching for a Genos I bought a Kn7000 so I can visit some of those memories. Last night when I looked at my Kn7000 I had a big smile on my face.

Life is so good, John C.