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I will contradict folks.. especially my friends smile Never about anything serious..

Never with any malice.

I never take anything serious on SZ or any chat site..
Sure there are serious topics once in a while, and we treat these issues with respect and care...

Learn to laugh at yourself grin

Rachelle and Jennifer screaming instead of singing are not one of the serious issues.. and with sarcastic comments in jest do not equal, anyone getting upset..

Don't you guys get on your friends case in real life?

If you do not have a sense of humor, you won't be able to handle stress in life... Let things roll off your back.. Everyone gets irritated once in a while... Folks are not out to harm you...

It's a discussion site, and sometimes we interpret things in the wrong light.. smile

Gosh Fran, I didn't know you were that smart......kidding, kidding. Of course you're 100% right. If only we could get everyone (including me sometimes) to see it in that perspective. That line about having a sense of humor is so, so true. I like to think that I have a sense of humor but I will admit that there are some things that will make me bristle. Sometimes malicious intent is present and sometimes it's just a case of not being aware of the effect that what you say may have on others. You know, our basic attitude towards others is sometimes just one layer of skin away and can pop up like a rash at any given moment. I'm really glad you 'stepped up' to put your spin on this. It's sad to see grown men act like babies. We see enough of that on the daily tweet machine smile. Oh and can you picture me, Russ, and Mark on the same bandstand; B3, Vibes, and ....accordion? Wonder how French Musette music sounds with a nice 'in the pocket' backbeat? smile

BTW, Roland gear sucks! Long live Korg and Yamaha.

smile smile smile

chas, old Cintioli's lover (we miss you Benny)
"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]