For those who has a Tyros 2,3,4,5 or the new Genos; have any one tried a different speaker set up than the stock standard Yamaha shop recommended ones please?
The current set up for Genos is the GNS-MS01 - a 20w+20w for the satellites and a 40w rating for the sub-woofer.

I noticed that the Logitech G560 2.1 speaker set up that has 240w peak or 120w rms output, with Connection Type: USB, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth.
I understand the issue with Yamaha 'boards are the proprietary woofer connection, that would cause issues with a straight plug in for speakers like the Logitech G560 etc, but can they be adapted or used in some way? Surely the the main and Aux output plugs could be adapted to be used or if not what then please?

The whole thing has come around because I have a local friend who has spotted/ been offered a Tyros4 10th Anniversary version, that he has fallen in love with ( he loves black) , but can't afford at this time to spring for a Genos.
It does not come with the original speakers etc and it is just the keyboard, music rest and books.
He is looking at a home set up only, so "no fancy PA or expensive JBL EON one or things like that" - his words. grin
These G560's are cheaper than the originals and are higher output, plus my friend saw them in a local JP hifi store, so that is why the enquiry.

I know these are gaming speakers for a PC and have flashing LEDs etc but it is what he has asked about, and I have not done this type of thing or have a TYROS to experiment with. confused1 Oh and no, he is not very computer orientated at this time or re-generation (his words)apparently he has been here before but there was no electricity lol. rotfl

If anyone could help me out, so I could relay on the information, please, that would be great.

Allan taz
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