I have just bought a 1gig SD card (the same make as a 512MB card I have that works perfectly) and SD Jukebox says "different file system, format the card" so I format the card via SD Jukebox and it says format the card... etc.

I also have RealOne Jukebox installed and this will format and write to the 1 gig card with no problems BUT it will not create user playlists, and SD Jukebox can't see the card after Real one jukebox has formated it, so I have 150 audio files in one lump and no method of sorting them.

I am using SD Jukebox 4 with a Panasonic reader/writer and this is the first problem I have had. Can anyone shed some light upon it?

The keyboard (KN2600) can read the 1gig card perfectly but this way I only have the default playlist to work from.



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