first i have forget to tell you that you
must install all from the Program, means
that you must first install:

1. Technics KN-Style Editor with English Setup

2. KN Style Editor Rhythm & Sound Files
3. FREEWARE Technics KN-Style Editor

Because the Freeware ist only the .exe File
and not the install. Sorry that i have forget it.

If you have Problem again, please ask me,
i will look that i make a new Setup-Version
next Days.

"Component 'NSlide32.ocx' or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered : a file is missing or invalid."

This Error means that you don't have the NSlide32.ocx in your Windows\System Folder
or you dont have register it. To Register you must change to C:\Windows\System or System32 and type the Command:
regsrv32 Nslide32.ocx but i think you
don't have not use the Setup from
"Technics KN-Style Editor with English Setup".

If you have Problems again, please write me.

Best Regards