Thank you GJ and Ray for your replies. I have quite a few floppies and several CDs that I've recorded which, do play on the T5 using the Audio section, it's just that I had the Technics PR900 piano for years and have around 50 Floppies which are now useless as my 20year old Sony recording system cannot cope with the recording these days - it's very slow in comparison to the PC.

I still have the KN7000 which I play regularly and it is my 'first love' so I have no intention of trading it in as in my opinion, it is still the greatest keyboard ever produced with the most realistic sound system and easier to use than today's keyboards. I am not saying today's digital keyboards are not good, some are amazing but there is almost no difference in the sound they produce, particularly with CDs, but again, most TV music seem to sound very digital these days. For me you cannot beat the analogue sound where you can hear every word being sung plus more realistic instrumental accompaniment.

However, I am aware of the PSR Tutorial website and they do indeed offer a wide range of help and information, so I'll take a look to see what's new tomorrow.

Thanks again for replying - happy playing. Audrey T