Transferring my 3X to my new 1000 might be the same, don't have a 4X.

You can load your stick, but you need to load each parameter separately.

Instead of ALL, load the sub categories - STYLES, PADS, etc. This will allow you to see your SONGBOOK SETS, as in the other board.

However, everything has to be mapped individually. If on your old songs, you used the default pads and voices, etc, mostly values (volumes, FX,) will need tweaking.

If you changed a bunch of voices, pads, FX, etc, then they have to be totally redone.

Hope this makes sense. I am mapping and it is going very fast now.

In fact, I have to take many 3X factory styles and load them in the 1000 because the names might be the same, but the styles are really not.

pm if you need more help

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