I copied the following questions from another thread and hope, someone of the SD9 owners can answer and help me.

I read the sd9 manual, concerning launchpad settings an registrations.
Obviously there are only single registrations possible, no more block registration.
So, are the launchpad settings for one song (may be 4 - 6 scenes) stored in a registration?

I think, that I can save and open launchpad settings including all scenes, but if I want to prepare a special song and want to load this using songbook+ or MobilesheetePro on stage, what happens?

Can I load only a registration an have to load the launchpad settings after that?
Can it be done with one loading process and even with external MIDI events (MSB,LSB,PGR)?

In moment I#m controlling the Tyros and the Audya using two seperate Midichannels (T4 / CH16 Audys/CH15 ) and it works.

Best regards

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