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Total is 4 for KETRON (based on the terminology used by other manufacturers.

The actual sound itself (say Bachus Sax) can be made up of:-
* Voice 1: Factory Sound or User Sample
* Voice 2: Factory Sound or User Sample
* Voice 3: Factory Sound or User Sample

** Voice 4: Factory Sound (that can instantly be turned off/on from the panel using the 2nd voice button and whose volume can instantly be adjusted also from the panel using the 2nd Voice Volume slider).

Voices 1-3 and independently be programmed to be triggered by velocity, crossfade switching, Morphing (e.g. Voice 1 to Voice 2 using the Modulation wheel), Sustain impact/not impact a voice, Split at different parts of the keyboard, set for each voice, LFO, Attach, Sustain, Release values, Effects type, Harmony types ...etc TO CREATE YOUR NEW SOUND/Voice!

This new sound and it's settings is then saved as a PROGRAM VOICE (PROGRAM Voices are 2 or more voices layered or edited and stored as a single voice).

Hope this better answers your question?

In addition, you can also have a LEFT voice plus 2 other additional LEFT voices (LOWERS) which are set by the STYLE (so each style can store 2 LOWER voices) but controlled manually by your LEFT hand (bringing the total LEFT voices to 3 and RIGHT TO 4) - that's having access to 7 Voices/samples at once!!

This should explain it's massive 196 Notes polyphony - even way back then when most manufacturers were/are at 128! When it comes to this though, we have to also be careful. When you play say a TRUMPET sound on a KETRON product, it sounds rich, thick and full. This is considered as one voice/sound utilizing one sample (for the most part). To re-create this same voice on another manufacturer's instrument, it may require you to LAYER 2 trumpets to yield the same results (thus using/layering 2 or more samples) to get the same sound KETRON uses 1 Sample to create. This (and other design elements) are what set the KETRON product ahead when it comes to live sound!


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How many samples can a single note of a single sound contain..

For Yamaha its 8
For Korg its 18
For Roland its 4

How many is it for Ketron?

Okay, so basically one voice is one sample/key?

No. One key can be programmed to trigger up to 3 samples to create a voice. Hope this makes more sense now....