Well my SD9 finally arrives today. (ordered in January!)

Just started to go thru the sounds. Fantastic. The various iterations of the instrument types are noticeably different and useful. As an organist, the Hammond samples are excellent. So are the Brass and I like the "Duet" samples that have a different instrument for the top and bottom notes played. The pianos are noticeably varied, which I like and no sound level variances or awkward senses of spacial difference. The Guitar group seems to me a non-guitar player, again, usefully varied and large. Love the feel of the keybed, very precise/smooth and not a bit clacky or wobbly. I only have gone thru half of the sounds, but so far I'm impressed. Using good Grade headphones for now but will be moving to the music room that has 2 Presonus Sceptre S6's and a Tremblor T10 powered sub. Previously I owned a Korg PA600 and a Roland BK9 still use a Roland Intrgra 7 and a Muse Receptor VIP 2. . . . more later. Dave in PA.