Funny that you bring this up Fran, as I have been checking out this keyboard lately too.

We are about to move to a new house which is a bit bigger than our current house, but the I don't think the layout will allow my to play my acoustic piano at odd hours without disturbing my wife and kids.... Hence, I'm searching for a digital solution. I'd like something with styles too just to mess around with, maybe just to entertain company and such.

I've looked at a Yamaha DGX, sounds were good, styles were all right, but it didn't really feel like a piano, plus it's rather bulky..

I tried a Casio CPG 700 and I liked the feel, slicker design, nice touch screen the styles were good enough for home but not as good as Yamaha, but the keys made a lot of noise. I was even wondering if the sound of the keys would annoy everyone at home while they are trying to sleep or study.

Next I tried a Roland fp 50. It feels wonderful, like a nice
acoustic. Piano and electric pianos were awesome. No brass or other sounds other than piano, EP, and strings. I could live with that, but the styles were kind of hard to access, also I couldn't figure out how to silence the LH when playing with the auto accompaniment. Maybe it's possible?

So "on paper" it appears that the Korg Havian could provide a good piano experience plus it has a full arranger and lots of other sounds. I like the touch screen and the chord sequencer would be a great practice tool. The problem is I have no idea how it feels. No dealers seem to carry it around here. From all the YouTube videos I've seen, I think it's differently sounds good enough for home, but I'm curious about the feel.

If anyone has one, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
It not the keyboard, it's the keyboardist.