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SD7 was not improvement over AUDYA in my opinion
SD9?? i will check it out but,
what does it really have over the AUDYA, sound wise?
few new loops? are DRUMS all audio like AUDYA?
i think the SD7, it was not,

is it me or does this SD series looks very, very cheap, especially the buttons? can we make something look MODERN and not boxy?

and on the hardware side? processor, memory, do we have 500mb, or 1tb? RAM, ROM? memory is super cheap, why do we deal with 400mb,?? everything now is in the GB size

a keyboard should not have less memory than an iphone

don't mean to knock Ketron, as i love their stuff, but come on!!!

Check out these 2 video’s they compare the audya to the sd 9 pro

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