Good day sirs,

Did you notice that as usual, Yamaha chose Martin Harris to highlight all the most outstanding Genos features in one long demo video. I am absolutely AMAZED that Ketron does not do same. Someone like Sandro should record and demonstrate all the new SD9 features in one long, professional video demo.

All Yamaha factory demos are done live and VERY professional. With live video footage and all. In comparison all Ketron SD9 videos I've seen to date look pale. No use posting videos of only one song at a time as this does not showcase all the SD9 can do.

Come on you guys - you have another fantastic product. At least create the time and effort to showcase it PROPERLY!!!

My advice: Choose at least 30 minutes and cram as much SD9 technology as possible in there with good, well played examples. And please note, a DEMO, not a TUTORIAL.

South Africa.
Make sure you'll fly forever!