My KN1400 has recently been exhibiting some odd behaviour which I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

This behaviour seems to happen at times when I have been assigning drum, bass and accompaniment patterns to MIDI channels in order to record them with the MIDI software on my computer. I don't think it has happened on any occasion when I have not changed MIDI part settings, but I am not 100% certain about that.

Upon pressing a few of the 'Rhythm Group' buttons to find and select a rhythm, the keyboard suddenly goes into a kind of 'fit' where it quickly and constantly cycles through different rhythms. The LEDs (lights) for three or more rhythm groups begin flashing furiously, and the main screen becomes a flashing array of rhythm names as the selector constantly jumps from one to another.

If I play a rhythm using the start/stop button, the cycling becomes slower, and, curiously, occurs only every four beats, upon which a new rhythm is selected and begins to play.

I can usually get things to return to normal by reverting to initial factory settings via the program menu, or by leaving the keyboard turned off for a while. But it inevitably happens again once I start fiddling around with midi part settings and choosing selecting rhythms as I have described.

Has anyone encountered such behaviour from a KN1400 or similar keyboard before? Could it be due to a glitch in the firmware, the electronics, or simply to illogical or unconventional usage on my part?

Thanks to anyone who can offer some insights.