I recently added this song, "The Last Waltz" to my Tyros 5 song set. I love classical music and the standard hits of the past. So this song was a good fit. I just lowered the key to suit my aging singing voice. A single live recording into the Tyros 5 Audio Recorder.

I approach my individual songs by what works best to make the song work in a "live" performance on my Tyros 5. I wanted the whole orchestral score and the closest Tyros 5 style, "9-8Waltz" needed to be reworked and Sync/Started to modified MIDi Song parts and two Multipads parts. By activating the Sync/Start first on the corresponding MIDI Song file, the Tyros 5 style and Multipads is slave to the tempo and tempo fluctuations built into the MIDI file.

Tyros 5 Workflow:
- Found a suitable free MIDi Song file, "The Last Waltz" on the internet and chose the Tyros 5, 9-8Waltz style, to rework certain parts to play and control during a live performance.

- Modified all MIDI channels with Tyros 5 Voices and Mixing Console settings in "Song Creator" to prepare the MIDI Song file.

- Transferred the MIDI file to my PC and the PSRUTI (free MIDI program), where I lowered the key, generated the embedded chords and lyrics. Changed or deleted certain MIDI channels, where alternate channels and drum tracks are played by the synced style. Created an alternate two channel version with LH/RH parts, chords and lyrics while still in PSRUTI.

- I open the full MIDI song version in Sibeleus if I need tempo variations and re-save the MIDI file for upload back to my Tyros 5. I also open the two channel version to do some minor editing, and create a future pdf file and print off a sheet music version with the lyrics, chord symbols, and the RH/LH parts I'll be playing on my Tyros 5.

- I modified the "9-8Waltz" in the Tyros 5 Style Creator for Main variation A and B, and the corresponding Multipads in Multipad Creator. Just pointing out that I used the "Stregs del Bosco" voice from the "Greetings From Italy" Tyros 5 expansion pack in one of the multipad patterns.

- With the MIDI Song file and modified style Sync/Started, the style and Multipads follow the tempo of the MIDI file. My organ parts and DSP settings are saved to the style OTS. The MIDI Bass pedals I play follow the voice assigned to the RH3 part and played during the choruses of the song.

- My connected Roland VP-7 VH processor is playing female choir harmony parts to my singing voice, following my played organ parts during the choruses. Roland does a much better job then Yamaha or TC Helicon in "gender bending" or creating male and female voice parts (Variation sound mode). The Roland output is sent into the Tyros 5 AUX IN with the main mic vocal back into the mic input so the Real Reverb DSP can be applied to my singing voices as well in the main mix.

- A couple of hours work, but once the preparation is done, I can jump into a live performance just calling up the Song File and corresponding saved style, all kept into same folder linked to memorized Tyros 5 file access buttons. I don't use song registrations, but can easily access voice registration banks with all my favorite, ensemble, organ world, and other voices.

I just need to practice singing the lyrics and fix a chord in the verse and I should be good to go for the next gig where this song would be suitable.

Regards, Marcus