Hi Guillermo

I listened to your rendition of the BILITIS THEME. I was not familiar with this piece (song), so I searched and listened to the original.

You got the essence of this beautiful score, with nice quality of layered sounds true to the original. Nice keyboard setup you got there. I admire anyone who can play by ear or memorize the music.

Personally, I need to have the sheet music or chords in front of me to play anything. I guess this forced me to be more aware of the accuracy in the tempo and timing of my music playing. My only critique to your beautiful rendition is closer matching the timing of the original score.

Maybe practice with a metronome, slow at first, and build up to the tempo of the original. Even an automatic (S970) arpeggio backing playing in the background, following the chording of your playing would help tidy up this small issue.

I listened to your other video (Air on the G String). Beautiful rich sound and voice choices. I admire how you can play these pieces by ear.

Regards, Marcus