I've read that the new E-A7 has only four fills, compared to six on all mid- and top-line Roland arrangers made in the past 10 years.

So I accept that there won't be unique fills from some style variations to others. But what happens if you try to load a BK-7m factory style? Or a user style created on a G-70? Does the style even load? What if you edit that style and delete the two fills which are not supported? Would it load then??

Finally, how about styles from even older Roland arrangers like the G-1000, which had only two variations??

I'm sure it has some good styles from the factory. But after years of backwards compatibility, I would be disappointed if I couldn't use ANY of my old favorite styles.

In the best case, it would just ignore the two extra fills in the original style, and substitute one of the other four. But I'm speculating and I would like to know for sure based on the experience of someone who actually owns an E-A7.

Thanks for sharing your experience here! -Ted