Like others have said, I keep the senior gigs rather up tempo. Not totally, but most of it. Thanks Gary for the reminder of Show Me The Way To Go Home. Used to do that tune years ago. I need to add that one again. I’ve started to chat more with the groups between songs, going over the composers, the year it was written, who was noted for the recordings, what show or movie the tune was from. I may even point out that the tune will change keys during the bridge, or something special about the song. Quite often, a former piano teacher may be in the group. I’ve got a retired band director, who shows up with his horns on occasion. Another guy, who played percussion in a major orchestra. He sits up by me and really adds cool stuff to latin songs. I couldn’t believe how many have commented about this approach----how much they enjoy hearing the history of the song. I don’t spend a lot of time---just a few brief sentences before each song.