Since I was able to buy a power adapter for my K61 and can now, control my Microbrute. I figured why stop there. So I bought a MIDI Solutions THRU Port for $49.99 plus free shipping from Sweetwater, and a KORG TR Rack off of, from Alto Music. For $279.00 plus free shipping. I love digital playback synths as well as analog.

I have decided that instead of buying one expensive synth. Why not look for smaller synths, and connect them too my K61. Which is a good keyboard by the way, and it did not cost a lot. Plus, I will have a wide variety of different sounds. Plus I think it will be more fun. Well, at least for me.

Plus, I have found a few other synths, that may become future buys. Some used gear, since, there is a lot of good gear out there. Selling rather cheaply. Especially digital synths. Rack one in particular.