Yesterday i had dinner with my wife in a nice little bar with live music... and there was a pianoplayer/OMB there using a Roland RD800 and a BK7... and she sounded remarkably good..

I got into a little chat with her and she told me her secret where the Voicesolo vocal speakers. a set of speakers created for vocallists that seems to work very well for keyboards to.. they can be used as a mini PA in small rooms, or keyboard monitors on a larger stage.. but also because of their clarrity and clean sound as studio monitors in your home..

Need to say, i was impressed.. i looked them up on the youtube and found these video´s confirming my initiall toughts... it might be something people are interested in because of the versatillity and the very acceptable price (250 euro)..

and some more information...

Yamaha Genos, Roland Jupiter 80, Ipad pro.