A post to introduce myself.

I am a new member to this Forum but a long time user of a virtual/software based Arranger/Organ music system.

I have been evolving my system as PCs, operating systems, sound cards & other peripherals, software and samplesets have developed and improved over the years. I used to have some hardware instruments (Hammond A100 + 147 Leslie, Yamaha EL70, Lowrey D325, Allen 301B etc) but these took up a lot of space so I decided to go virtual and save space and money.

The primary considerations in building my virtual system were that:

1. it is expandable - so that you can start with a simple arrangement and grow it over time,
2. it is modular - so that any component can be upgraded or replaced without having to throw away the whole thing,
3. it can be reconfigured - so that it can be changed and adapated according to evolving needs or new ideas,
4. it is not proprietary - so that you are not dependent upon a single manufacturer,
5. it is relatively inexpensive - so that you don't have to fork out $$$$ for a decent instrument, particularly when compared to a name brand,
6. it is multi role - so it can play as an arranger, synth, a hammond organ, a pipe organ, a theatre organ, a home entertainment organ and anything else that I want in a single instrument - with common controllers,
7. it's fun to play and play with

My current system consists of:

a PC with:
i7 Intel Processor
M-Audio 1010 Soundcard
Windows 7

Cakewalk Sonar

Band in a Box
NI Komplete 10 (mainly using Kontakt5 Sampler)
NI Kontakt Libary plus some third party libraries (Vir2 Intruments and Sonic Reality)
Silver Octopus 80 Rank Willis Pipe Organ samples
Paramount 4/50 Theatre Organ samples

Edirol PCR800s stacked
Roland A800
Roland PK5 Pedalboard
Roland RD64 (Hammer Action controller/piano)
Novation Zero SL Mkii
Expression and sustain pedals

Roland XV5080 Sound Module
Yamaha Motif ES Rack Module
Ensoniq MR Rack Sound Module
Hammond Suzuki XM2 Sound Module + XMC

Behringer Mixer
Pyle 8 Channel Amp
Various speakers
2 x Leslie 710s

Standalone Yamaha CP4 stage piano

My current interest is trying to integrate vArranger into the system
My stuff - http://www.synthzone.com/forum/ubbthread..._Vir#Post422289