Hi Bill - Yes I certainly formatted it.

I think I may have a duff one. Just as an exercise I backed up in SDExplorer a Kingston 512 SD card - about 60% full. I then restored it back to the PANRAM again in SDExplorer. It "hung up" after about about 25 minutes, reading 14 minutes remaining. I aborted this and looked at it on the KN7 and much to my suprise the KN7 read it as finished anyway. The Kingston SD read 389,328 and 22% used the PANRAM read 403,744 and 19% used.

I did the same test again and again it appeared to "hang up" although the KN7 read it. Not too happy about that.

Will contact pcnextday about it. Joan

I then formatted the original SD and restored the file back to that. The differance in restoring on this one was amazing - only 11 minutes total!

Back to the PANRAM again - formatted in the KN7, saved a nominal folder etc, and started restore - same thing - hung up after much longer than the 11 minutes above and I had to abort it BUT the KN7 read it OK.