Jan, it’s been too long for me to remember. When you are comparing a flagship keyboard Kn7000 to a less expensive model it is the options and the sound quality. Try finding the Kn2600 and Kn7000 manuals on the internet.

What do recall is the last job I used the Kn2600 on a job. I was dissatisfied; too many work-arounds to get what I wanted. Trumpet, my favorite was not the same, neither was the piano. I could find no reason to keep it. It would be like comparing The Yamaha Tyros series to the Psr series – night and day.

Jan, Those who have not owned a Kn7000 and buy a Kn2600 will have a nice keyboard; It is only in comparing that I am writing. The old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

Good luck, John C. (bruno123)

PS, If I were looking for a keyboard with less weight I would buy a Yamaha; almost half the weight of a Kn7000. Yamaha has the largest collection of styles in the market.