I purchased another Kn7000 for two reasons.

1-It has to be the best arranger keyboard ever made; even though it lacks some of the new features. Itís still a joy to sit and play it.
2-Forums are great to receive information about how other people are using their keyboards. We get to her their music and learn about the people in the Technics community. I have made friends on this forum that go back many, many years.

My question is;
How can we make this forum active again? How can we make this forum a place to visit every day hoping to read another interesting post/story? There are still enough Kn7000 keyboard players out there to make this a great place to visit. Even if you have a new Yamaha or Korg, or whatever keyboard. I have a Korg Pa900 and a Kn7000, both keyboards are beautiful in their own way.

I would love to see 5 to 10 posts everyday Ė and they are not confined to an arranger keyboards, the rest of your life is important enough to share with the people on the forum. It is a bit discouraging to see not post for a day, week, or longer.

Iím trying my best Ė John C.