I have been posting very little, good news I have recently retired from designing bio-medical equipment and aerospace stuff, still playing occasionally and babysitting; Good news I have more time to spend with my Technics keyboards, very little experience using SD cards, here are a couple of issues I have come across for which I need help.
I have loaded custom styles folder from SD card I have purchased into KN7 Rhythm Group(20 styles), saved a single style to a new folder with a new name, did a quick easy recording using this style and saved it with the song name.
The problem is, that unless the original custom folder is loaded and the same original style # is selected, the playback will use the whatever custom style happen to be in the same custom number slot at the time, and it sounds bad. My question, how can I copy a custom style in order to make it totally independent from the folder that it originally came in order to allow me to modify and make instrumental changes, since some of the custom styles are great.

A separate question regarding the loaded Custom Styles (20 per folder), when I switch between custom styles and the MSA is ON and the One Touch Play is selected,the variations 2 will change the rhythm and instruments, but for some reason when I select Variation 3-4-1 or fill in, the rhythm changes but the selected instruments will revert to the same ones as the previous played style. I would appreciate your help.

Mike Aviv