So what does everyone think Grandpa Doug thinks and is going to say about this post of Scottie on this forum? Something nasty? Something disparaging? Out of place? Well tune up your ears and let your eyeballs pop out and hear and see what Old Grandpa has to say! Ran it by Ruthie before I slipped my cute little Mac Mouse over the post reply button and squashed it. So without further teasing and stressing you KN folks, let’s proceed with what I have to say with the full approval of Ruthie.

Every one that posted a reply and evaluation of your offering Scott, complimented you on your singing and playing skills. As Colin Leaney said for example;

“Hi Scott,
Right up my street. Thanks. Super stuff. I'm British. But, in my view nothing we've ever produced over here, can compare with the American composers of 1920 - 1950 period”. “My congrats. I thoroughly enjoyed your singing. You sing very well. I was so carried away, that I immediately went to my K7, and played the 'other' 'Nice'n Easy'. (the slower Sinatra song)”.

I also enjoyed it. In my estimation this post of Scott's was what a music forum is all about. I admire good musicianship and voice projection along with control because it is the end result of many many hours of self discipline. Thanks Scott! My personal opinion is that self discipline is a quality of man that is slowly disappearing from society. I realize many people are not as gifted in musical talent as some are. I still admire the effort they exert in trying their best to make music themselves. Therefore listening to a performance of lesser overall quality is still very enjoyable to me for their persistence, effort and love of it makes up for any lack of talent. To be able to present the extent of their accomplishments to the public takes guts. And let me tell you, I admire guts in a person. Could be maybe that is why Ruthie likes me. I also like the way Ruthie’s gut’s are arraigned among other things.

As Colin said, I immediately went to my K7, and played. That is the kind of reaction a good post will trigger. That is why I would say Scott’s post is the kind of offering I very much enjoy and can transcend brands of equipment forums with no difficulty.

Growing up takes time and Ruthie and me have been at it for quite a long time. This post might of been a bit long, as some have complained, but my Ruthie and me are running out of time and seem to want to take as much long as we can get.

As usual,

Grandpa Doug and Ruthie, his inspiration.
Grampa Doug