Hello Friends,

i need followed information about
all Technics Keyboards....

What can we save on our Keyboards ?...

My KN 6000 can save follow Files:

Filename Description
01MCS001.lsw Current Panel
01MCS001.pmt Panel Memory
01MCS001.sqt Sequencer
01MCS001.cmp Composer
01MCS001.tm Sound Memory
01MCS001.msp Perfomance Pads
01MCS001.efc Effect Memory
01MCS001.md User Midi Settings
01MCS001.fav Favorites
01MCS001.hmp Home Page
01MCS001.ast All Custom Style

Result: max files: 11 per Bank
max Banks: 20 (01-20)
= 220 Files

and in this form i need information about the other Keyboards that can save Datas on Disk.. please help me.... save all Datas
on a Disk and search what Files are there
and what description they have , send me
the information to my email: microdata@cww.de

i thank you all