On KN7000 but applies to any Technics.

Recently, I converted a Korg Style to Technics. One of the Intros was in the wrong key. This particular Intro needed to play in a Minor key. When I played a C chord the intro did indeed play in E flat minor. But of course, if you wanted it to play in E flat minor it would seem very strange to have to play a C chord.

I tried to adjust the key by editing in the Composer but to no avail. I even tried copying the Intro to one of the Variations so that I could then change the key but that didn't work either (though it sounded correct whilst I was editing, the key edit didn't seem to stick).

Eventually, I exported the Style and I transposed it using Styleworks on my computer.

My question is: How would you go about transposing it just by using the tools on the keyboard?

I don't see a way of transferring Styles to the Sequencer but I might have missed something.

Perhaps I could record APC in the sequencer, then convert APC to MIDI, then transpose it and then transfer it back to Composer. But this seems too long-winded and I'm wondering if I have missed something simple.

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