Last night saw a Kn7000 on EBay for $1,260.00. I had three of them through the years; the last one I sold to Bob, he came to Jacksonville, Florida to pick it up. Sad to say he did not look good,; very tired.

I keep hearing the great sound on my old recordings Ė the keyboard is without doubt a winner. At $1260.00 I thought I would give it another go. This morning the seller brought the price to $1,600.00; I did not buy it. The window was fading on the left side. Is that an expensive repair?

I miss this place it was my home for many years. Iím playing a Korg Pa900. The keyboard gives you every option imaginable. It has some very good instrument sounds and good strong styles but as a package it does not reach what the Kn7000 offers.

My opinion: I have owned Tyros 2,Tyros 3, Psr910, Korg Pz800 and now the Pa900. Each year they increase the amount of options; they are now too much for me, too many areas that need to be adjusted in order to get what you are looking for. My Pa900 allows me to change or replace the factory styles, and much more. I am not interested in recreating a keyboard, I just would like to sit and play and enjoy. The Kn7000 offers just that. Itís very friendly.

Hold on to your Knís and enjoy the holidays that are coming.

John C. (Bruno)